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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last Updated tips and tricks for Treasure Isle

This is mainly just a list of playing tips and tricks that I've discovered through trial and error. It makes gameplay a bit easier to handle, and I find I have less complaints. I know this game has bugs, but if you play smarter instead of thinking everything is broken, it'll be a much more enjoyable experience.

1. Those quests that want you to find all the treasures, but when you do it doesn't give you credit for it .. I find that you have to be standing on the island, with a treasure count of zero in order for it to activate. So don't finish the whole island. Keep one square not dug that you know doesn't have a treasure in it. Then when all other requirements are met, you go to the island, and viola. completed quest.

2. This also works for those pesky treasure chests that are behind things. Keep one tile open, go home, come back, complete the island if you like. I prefer to leave one square open on all my islands to that I can "preview" whats there. It tells me which treasures, it tells me what rocks or plants, what tools, and if i need those items. I finish it and play it again.

3. When digging underwater, as soon as you land on an island it starts the timer, so I dig from wherever I land, a straight line to the farthest edge of the island, then I dig back towards the starting place. The main reason I do this is to max out my digging time. you can walk wherever you want on the island without digging, so if I go back to use an oxygen bottle, I walk to the furthest dug up area, wait til my character gets there, then dig a square and use a bottle. that way I haven't lost any time walking around.

4. Those genies lamp/port loyal things that need "crew members" to help? they aren't like the other crew requests. one neighbor can fill more than one spot, so I post an "ask friends" two of three together in a row. that way if I have a friend who is responding they will fill two or three spots at a time. They also overlap. so say you need a crew of five people, you have two friends you are gonna respond and you post six times. That fills one crew plus one place on another object in that same map. So you don't lose that crew member. He just joins a different crew, and you're one step closer to completing it.

5. I've noticed that my send/receive material feed limit is actually more like seven than ten. so I work with my neighbors to request things they also need. if we all need fire, dye, and aqua vitae, we will each request one material 2 times. that way we all get six materials, and all three of the things we need.

6. Those "ask friends" requests where you an only ask each neighbor for one thing? they time out every four hours from when you request, not when they answer, so you can potentially request things 6 times a day. Same with the free gifts. So you can send gifts 6 times a day. And the people who accept can send you thank you gifts six times a day. again, work with your neighbors.

7. When someone does send you a free gift, if you use the face book interface. it'll ask if you want to send a thank you gift to that one person. But if you use the zynga interface you can send a thank you gift to any of your friends and neighbors. But make sure you send out your free gifts first, otherwise the person you thank will be counted against you. Just cancel the zynga interface without accepting anything. send your gifts, then click on the interface again. 

Credit: nowaki @ Treasure Isle forums


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unlimited Gifts, Fruits, Gems, and XP (Updated 7 June 2011 )

Just Share & Like this newly updated list of gifts, Fruits, Gems, and XP !!
More are coming !! 

Gems :                                          Bonus & XP :                              Fruits & Energy:                  
»                »                » 
»                  »                   »
»                 »                   »
»               »                 »
»               »                »

BONUS - Room Keys    
»         »                  »
»          »                  »
Energy Capsule :   
»                        »
»                         »


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Unlimited Gifts, Fruits, Gems, and XP! (Updated:25 June 2011)Share & Like

A newly updated list of gifts, Fruits, Gems, and XP !!, Just Share & Like, and I'll post more. :)

Gems :                                          Bonus & XP :                              Fruits & Energy:                  
»          »                   »
»           »                   » 
»           »                   »
»            »                  »
»          »                  »
»          »                  


Monday, June 13, 2011

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

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