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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fire God Mountain Released in Treasure Isle

just one bottle of the stuff is not enough for that all-over protection, is it?  Of course not.  You will need five bottles in your inventory before you can enter the fiery depths of this volcano.  To get you kick started, Zynga has given you bottles to start.
Well folks, it is FINALLY here!  Fire God Mountain in the Tiki Isles has been teased for several weeks, but finally, the too-hot-to-handle site is released, and it was well worth the wait.

To get into the volcano, you will need some sort of sunscreen.  How does SPF-3000 sound to you? and of

Now that you are protected against nasty lava burns, you are free to enter the volcano.
In a fun twist, your object is not to uncover each and every grayed-out square.  Quite the opposite in fact!  Your goal on each level is to find the ONE and only treasure in as few digs as possible using only the clues provided by the game “Treasure Nearby” and “Treasure REALLY Close.”  If you dig and the prompt says “Treasure nearby,” then you know that the treasure is NOT in the 8 squares immediately surrounding you, but that it is in the second level of boxes away from you.  When the prompt says “Treasure REALLY Close” then you know that the treasure IS in one of the adjacent squares.  See the next picture for a good graphic of that:

Be careful when you get a fruit or some gold – you still may be nearby without knowing it!
Once you find and open the treasure on each level, the portal to the next level will open.
You start at 25 meters and move your way down to 2500 meters.  Each level gets more difficult and obstacles may need to be overcome.
Periodically, the game will tell you how you are doing against your friends and neighbors.  The person with the fewest clicks will win!

Here is a picture of an Imp Well.  Is there something special on the last level?  You bet!  There is a phoenix-like creature strapped to the ground.

Open the treasure box (shown) to release this colorful creature!

There are quite a few neat treasures to collect along the way.  Most of them can be placed on your island as decorations. Here is a picture of an Imp Well

Click on the bird to talk with it and see what happens! (hint – look at the next picture!)

 While these rewards are net yet usable, they will be soon!

Oh, and when you return to your island, you may see a big change!  Remember that burning egg that youcould not do anything with?
Look what it has become!


Treasure Isle – A Barrel of Fish

Ahoy Mateys!  Treasure Isle has released an entire new land, Pirate Cove and the first set of maps called Pirate Isles. What is new in the land?  Multi-search buildings, new decor, new treasures (very cool!) and new required tools. The pirate themed land is very nice as well, with a lot of sargasso and tide pool creatures along the coast.

So, what’s the new tool? Its a crowbar. A simple piece of bent metal. You need it to open a barrel of fish. The catch is that the crowbar must be on a Pentagon purchasing schedule, as it costs a whopping 40,000 coin! That is one expensive piece of metal!

And the picture of the not-too-cheap crowbar!


Treasure Isle – A New Way to Get Gems

With a new update, the difficult problem of finding gems has been minimized.
Most players knew that you can harvest your own tree and your friends’ trees.  If you are really lucky, you will dig one up while treasure hunting.

Of course, Zynga is more than happy to take your hard earned, real-life cash in exchange for some gems as well. In a recent update, though, you can now visit your friends’ islands for an additional chance to get a gem!  How?

Simply complete the task that the game prompts you to do (help clean the island or remove the crabs).  There is a random chance (although it is pretty decent) that you will collect a gem.
The other possible gifts are 5 treasure map fragments or fruit.
Make sure you check each of your friends’ islands every day to collect as many gems as possible.