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Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Game Bonuses & Facebook Credits

Watch the Treasure Isle fan page for things you can do to make extra island cash.   There was a promotion recently that if you signed up for the Treasure Isle newsletter you got a free garden plot. I did. I don't know if it's still running, probably not. There is also a promotion where if you install the Zynga game bar, found here:

you can receive up to a total of 25 island cash in the first five clicks of the bonuses, every eight hours, in addition to a starfruit.  After that you receive 1 starfruit (15 energy) every eight hours.

Keep an eye out in stores for Facebook promotions.  In 7-11s they have items you can purchase where you receive Facebook credits free. The same goes for the company Coinstar which has coin cashing in machines at supermarkets. Last week I got twenty free credits for cashing in my coins by following the directions on the bottom of my cash voucher which I ripped off.  Facebook credits
buy energy packs!


Neighbor's List

Go through your friend's wishlists constantly and give away what you have extra of. In the long run it pays to be generous, people will remember this.

Also make sure you are visiting your friends islands to click on their treasure chest for free coins and harvesting their trees. If Treasure Isle goes the way of Farmville and Frontierville, there will most likely be a feature in addition to this that lets you help out on their island five times every eight or so hours.


Trolling Your Feeds

Create a separate filter in your friends list (Account > Edit Friends > Create List) for Treasure Isle and bring that up in a separate window so you can quickly check everyone's wall at once by holding down SHIFT on your keyboard and clicking on their name.

This brings up their wall in a separate window. Scroll down and look for fruit and XP rewards quickly, then X out and repeat with the next friend until you're done.

Click "Like" on anything you send or receive from your friend from their wall so they know you've collected it and especially if it's a limited reward so others don't waste time clicking it themselves only to receive nothing.

There's a feature in the game that if you receive more than one item of something and it's on someone else's wish list, the game will issue a popup asking if you want to send that item to t


Trading in Treasure & Leveling Up

Watch your energy bar and XP. If you're close to leveling, you want to see how much you need to level so you're not wasting any. Do not use your energy packs until you have no fruit left and are nowhere near leveling up! You can always go use dynamite, spray bugs, open gem and phoenix gates on various islands to gain 5 xp each time to help you level than trading in your treasure. If you have no islands left that have these things you can use, replay an island that does using map fragments.

Don't trade in treasures until you have to. Go for the ones that will enable you to level up while using as much as your current energy as possible. You don't want to have 150 energy, trade in the "It's the Peoples" get 250 xp and level up while wasting the 150you had. So you can trade in a lower amount xp collection to do that.


Home Isle Tips

If you can get banana trees, they will yield one banana each. In your garden plots, plant watermelons as they harvest every eight hours and you can harvest them three times a day if you do it right. You can also share them with friends now.  One time only.  So if you have several plots, you can only click the link once to share with all your friends.

Build as many Poseidon relics as you can. Tiki relics I've found give more useless items like torches and painted tiki statues than they do island cash and fruit.  The Poseidon statues give more island cash, fruit and many times five of each gem.  On any given week I get at least 25 island cash, five of each gem and lots of coconuts and pineapples from my Poseidon relics.  Every day I get between 50 and 150 energy in fruit on my island.   I get between 1000 and 2000 energy by getting the free energy pack, the additional energy pack in the store, another one if I have the island cash and all the stuff that my friends send me.

Your Wishing Well, while expensive to click at 25 energy, yields some great rewards. My highest take from it is 100 mangoes (with 500 experience to go with it) and 10,000 coins plus 50 experience.  I've also had my wish granted a number of times.  Before you click, make SURE your wishlist is full.  Again, utilize the Banana Split, Venezuela Jones and  250XP items so that you can trade them in constantly.  The well also gives out a TON of fruit crates so that's good too.

If you're using fruit to get energy to wish, only do twenty/fifty energy at a time because sometimes you'll get a lot of xp from the wishing well and you'll level, wasting the current energy you have.  You always want to be at zero after you're done wishing, then use fruit, wish again, repeat.

Some folks like to decorate, I don't.  I feel it's a waste of precious space I can use for future upgrades to the system that will become available enabling me to get more fruit each day.  My goal is to level not get any rewards for the landscaping contest which
is at 100 island cash. (It's been confirmed on the forums the wishing well gives out 100 island cash as well as 1 mil coins) I've already surpassed 100 island cash from my relics and wishing well this month and will every month without having to pay a dime.  I have under twenty Treasure Isle friends too.

If you have enough of each item you can really break the bank in rewards each day.
I sell everything I collect.


Monkey Palace

Monkey Palace is the best bang for your buck in Treasure Isle, I have found. It's rewards are a lot better in terms of helping you to level faster in the future than the Fire God Mountain.  It only contains seven levels and most of the floors are small so that you can usually find the treasure within five digs (max) and two digs (min). Sometimes you get lucky, like I did yesterday, and click the tile with the treasure on it on the first dig and that's even better.  If you get five on each level that is 35 digs which counts as Gold and the best rewards!

Not only can you receive up to seven special monkey treasure chests on each level that cost 750 coins each but you get the official treasure box you dug up on each level as well.  This greatly increases the chances of you mastering collections. 

To help yourself out, put the Banana Split,  the Venezuela Jones and the "It's the People's" or any other 250XP collection items in your wishlist constantly so that your friends will send you those items.  Those three collections offer you a banana bunch (3) for the Banana Split collection, 1 permanent energy point increase for Venezuela Jones provided you "Use" him and put him in the water next to your island and 250 XP for the "It's the People's" monkey troupe.   You will want to constantly put the 250 XP collection items in your wishlist especially if you use the wishing well on a regular basis as you have a greater chance to get those rare items!

At level 4 mastery of "It's the People's" you and whoever clicks on the SHARE link when the popup comes up will receive 20 fire digs!  You can also receive the same reward (20 fire digs) for trading in level 4 of "Tiki Ultra Rare"

After level 4 mastery of each collection you only get the experience, not additional reward.

Before you enter the palace, you need to have four (4) golden tickets and you should have at least 3 bananas in your inventory to bribe the monkey guards. If you do not have bananas, request them or see if you have any island cash you can spare, they cost 2 a pop.

Usually when I am going through my FB To Do list each day, I will go into the app to send golden tickets to all my friends FIRST, then go see if I have any requests.  By sending a ticket, your friend can send you a thank you gift of the same kind. Everyone makes out! Assuming you have a lot of friends, you can rack them up pretty quickly.

When you first enter the palace, do not click willy-nilly, look at the whole board as a whole and figure out which tiles you can
click, the least amount, to cover all the tiles in the treasure hints.

For the first level the treasure is almost always near where you materialized.  As you get toward the end, if your digs are
approaching 40, I have found that the treasure box is almost always in the first six blocks right where you materialize.  Do NOT click the monkey guards to bribe them until you have searched the first squares that cover all six as you will waste them because if you find the treasure, the guards disappear with no banana cost to you.

Assuming you get under 35 digs, you can get island cash and a banana tree on your home isle. I have six trees by playing Monkey Palace. The treasures are random so you want to get the least amount of digs possible to get the gold rewards.


Getting Fruit / Golden Tickets / Etc From Non-Friends

You can also request items from people by including your own customized link and telling people what to send you specifically.

An example of this would be:
Please send me mangoes

If you click that link it will bring up a page that says "Send to Tara" underneath each gift. The way to change it to your account is to go to your profile, get the last ten digits at the end of the URL in the address bar, then take that number and change all the numbers after 1%3A in the link above to yours. So you would replace "0123456789" which is my account to your account number.

The beauty of Treasure Isle as opposed to other Zynga games is you do NOT need to be someone's neighbor in the game or FB friend to send or receive something from them!  The only thing you cannot do is see their walls because they are not your friends (if they have them blocked to just friends) and benefit from the rewards they find that are friends only in their feeds.

I received thirty golden tickets in under fifteen minutes one day just by sending them to whoever requested it and they returned it. This saves you time adding anyone and getting frustrated if they don't appear in your neighbors list.

I believe you can send gifts every four hours so keep this in mind to maximize what you're receiving.  Send what you want to get back, not what you think someone needs.

To post what you need, click comment and make sure you include the link to your profile.  Do this for every post you see and every day.  You can get an unlimited amount of gifts this way.  Just be sure that you are constantly checking your backpack. The limit to gifts is 250 but some users report that if you have over 100 gifts in your backpack, they sometimes have trouble receiving gifts.