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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monkey Palace

Monkey Palace is the best bang for your buck in Treasure Isle, I have found. It's rewards are a lot better in terms of helping you to level faster in the future than the Fire God Mountain.  It only contains seven levels and most of the floors are small so that you can usually find the treasure within five digs (max) and two digs (min). Sometimes you get lucky, like I did yesterday, and click the tile with the treasure on it on the first dig and that's even better.  If you get five on each level that is 35 digs which counts as Gold and the best rewards!

Not only can you receive up to seven special monkey treasure chests on each level that cost 750 coins each but you get the official treasure box you dug up on each level as well.  This greatly increases the chances of you mastering collections. 

To help yourself out, put the Banana Split,  the Venezuela Jones and the "It's the People's" or any other 250XP collection items in your wishlist constantly so that your friends will send you those items.  Those three collections offer you a banana bunch (3) for the Banana Split collection, 1 permanent energy point increase for Venezuela Jones provided you "Use" him and put him in the water next to your island and 250 XP for the "It's the People's" monkey troupe.   You will want to constantly put the 250 XP collection items in your wishlist especially if you use the wishing well on a regular basis as you have a greater chance to get those rare items!

At level 4 mastery of "It's the People's" you and whoever clicks on the SHARE link when the popup comes up will receive 20 fire digs!  You can also receive the same reward (20 fire digs) for trading in level 4 of "Tiki Ultra Rare"

After level 4 mastery of each collection you only get the experience, not additional reward.

Before you enter the palace, you need to have four (4) golden tickets and you should have at least 3 bananas in your inventory to bribe the monkey guards. If you do not have bananas, request them or see if you have any island cash you can spare, they cost 2 a pop.

Usually when I am going through my FB To Do list each day, I will go into the app to send golden tickets to all my friends FIRST, then go see if I have any requests.  By sending a ticket, your friend can send you a thank you gift of the same kind. Everyone makes out! Assuming you have a lot of friends, you can rack them up pretty quickly.

When you first enter the palace, do not click willy-nilly, look at the whole board as a whole and figure out which tiles you can
click, the least amount, to cover all the tiles in the treasure hints.

For the first level the treasure is almost always near where you materialized.  As you get toward the end, if your digs are
approaching 40, I have found that the treasure box is almost always in the first six blocks right where you materialize.  Do NOT click the monkey guards to bribe them until you have searched the first squares that cover all six as you will waste them because if you find the treasure, the guards disappear with no banana cost to you.

Assuming you get under 35 digs, you can get island cash and a banana tree on your home isle. I have six trees by playing Monkey Palace. The treasures are random so you want to get the least amount of digs possible to get the gold rewards.