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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Fruit / Golden Tickets / Etc From Non-Friends

You can also request items from people by including your own customized link and telling people what to send you specifically.

An example of this would be:
Please send me mangoes

If you click that link it will bring up a page that says "Send to Tara" underneath each gift. The way to change it to your account is to go to your profile, get the last ten digits at the end of the URL in the address bar, then take that number and change all the numbers after 1%3A in the link above to yours. So you would replace "0123456789" which is my account to your account number.

The beauty of Treasure Isle as opposed to other Zynga games is you do NOT need to be someone's neighbor in the game or FB friend to send or receive something from them!  The only thing you cannot do is see their walls because they are not your friends (if they have them blocked to just friends) and benefit from the rewards they find that are friends only in their feeds.

I received thirty golden tickets in under fifteen minutes one day just by sending them to whoever requested it and they returned it. This saves you time adding anyone and getting frustrated if they don't appear in your neighbors list.

I believe you can send gifts every four hours so keep this in mind to maximize what you're receiving.  Send what you want to get back, not what you think someone needs.

To post what you need, click comment and make sure you include the link to your profile.  Do this for every post you see and every day.  You can get an unlimited amount of gifts this way.  Just be sure that you are constantly checking your backpack. The limit to gifts is 250 but some users report that if you have over 100 gifts in your backpack, they sometimes have trouble receiving gifts.