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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Isle Tips

If you can get banana trees, they will yield one banana each. In your garden plots, plant watermelons as they harvest every eight hours and you can harvest them three times a day if you do it right. You can also share them with friends now.  One time only.  So if you have several plots, you can only click the link once to share with all your friends.

Build as many Poseidon relics as you can. Tiki relics I've found give more useless items like torches and painted tiki statues than they do island cash and fruit.  The Poseidon statues give more island cash, fruit and many times five of each gem.  On any given week I get at least 25 island cash, five of each gem and lots of coconuts and pineapples from my Poseidon relics.  Every day I get between 50 and 150 energy in fruit on my island.   I get between 1000 and 2000 energy by getting the free energy pack, the additional energy pack in the store, another one if I have the island cash and all the stuff that my friends send me.

Your Wishing Well, while expensive to click at 25 energy, yields some great rewards. My highest take from it is 100 mangoes (with 500 experience to go with it) and 10,000 coins plus 50 experience.  I've also had my wish granted a number of times.  Before you click, make SURE your wishlist is full.  Again, utilize the Banana Split, Venezuela Jones and  250XP items so that you can trade them in constantly.  The well also gives out a TON of fruit crates so that's good too.

If you're using fruit to get energy to wish, only do twenty/fifty energy at a time because sometimes you'll get a lot of xp from the wishing well and you'll level, wasting the current energy you have.  You always want to be at zero after you're done wishing, then use fruit, wish again, repeat.

Some folks like to decorate, I don't.  I feel it's a waste of precious space I can use for future upgrades to the system that will become available enabling me to get more fruit each day.  My goal is to level not get any rewards for the landscaping contest which
is at 100 island cash. (It's been confirmed on the forums the wishing well gives out 100 island cash as well as 1 mil coins) I've already surpassed 100 island cash from my relics and wishing well this month and will every month without having to pay a dime.  I have under twenty Treasure Isle friends too.

If you have enough of each item you can really break the bank in rewards each day.
I sell everything I collect.