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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trading in Treasure & Leveling Up

Watch your energy bar and XP. If you're close to leveling, you want to see how much you need to level so you're not wasting any. Do not use your energy packs until you have no fruit left and are nowhere near leveling up! You can always go use dynamite, spray bugs, open gem and phoenix gates on various islands to gain 5 xp each time to help you level than trading in your treasure. If you have no islands left that have these things you can use, replay an island that does using map fragments.

Don't trade in treasures until you have to. Go for the ones that will enable you to level up while using as much as your current energy as possible. You don't want to have 150 energy, trade in the "It's the Peoples" get 250 xp and level up while wasting the 150you had. So you can trade in a lower amount xp collection to do that.