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Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Game Bonuses & Facebook Credits

Watch the Treasure Isle fan page for things you can do to make extra island cash.   There was a promotion recently that if you signed up for the Treasure Isle newsletter you got a free garden plot. I did. I don't know if it's still running, probably not. There is also a promotion where if you install the Zynga game bar, found here:

you can receive up to a total of 25 island cash in the first five clicks of the bonuses, every eight hours, in addition to a starfruit.  After that you receive 1 starfruit (15 energy) every eight hours.

Keep an eye out in stores for Facebook promotions.  In 7-11s they have items you can purchase where you receive Facebook credits free. The same goes for the company Coinstar which has coin cashing in machines at supermarkets. Last week I got twenty free credits for cashing in my coins by following the directions on the bottom of my cash voucher which I ripped off.  Facebook credits
buy energy packs!



Anonymous said...

I have a question...I signed up for the daily energy packs and I get them in my email, but when I try to claim them, they NEVER go through, so I end up losing out on it...should I just unsubscribe to the email or is there something I can do to fix this?

Geri Romain

Mohamed said...

Hello Geri,

First of all, nice to see you here, it is my pleasure that I can help you.

You may need to unsubscribe first, then try to resubscribe again and it will work, but you should know that the free daily energy pack has a limited valid time, after it pass, it won't work.
I hope this help you.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT INSTALL THE ZYNGA GAMEBAR. After I installed it my computer started to crash constantly, giving me what is sometimes referred to as the Blue Screen of Death. When we had a computer guy come to fix it, he said the Zynga gamebar is a type of spyware, used to monitor the sites you visit to tailor the ads to your interests. So, in short... Don't fall for the trap of the Zynga toolbar.

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