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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Treasure Isle Quest: Build A Garden

There is an old saying, when you want to be a great Treasure Hunter, all you need is more energy. By building yourself another Small Garden, you will be able to grow more fruit! And this is just the Quest for you to get that extra Small Garden in your home island!

There are 3 Tasks to this Quest and it is basically the laying of the foundation and getting ready the land for the extra Small Garden.
1) Buy a Plough
Treasure Isle Tips – To buy the Plough, you will need 500 Coins and you can get it from Store –> Decorations
2) Dig 100 times on any Island
3) Get Some Field Hands
Isn’t this simple? Do you think this is all you have to do to get a Small Garden? Guess again … As it says, this is just the beginning. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engine!



Alex said...

what do you mean Dig?? it only lets me move it around, it cant be used... its just a prop... and now im down 500 coins

Mohamed said...

Hi alex,
it is used as a tool in the quest for building a garden, you can buy it then complete the quest.

nesrinsad said...


Brenda said...

It is just a step you have to complete the quest to get the garden plot. MY FB name is : Brenda Meeks Taylor

Mohamed said...

Hi Nesrin, welcome and nice to see you here.

@ Brenda, Hello m8, nice to see you here, and yes you're true, it is one of the quests, and in this quest; you have to buy a Plough with 500 coins in order to complete it.

Btw, I'll share soon with you some garden plot link in order that anybody here will able to get it.

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