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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Treasure Isle Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies: Can You Dig It?

Hey treasure seekers, rum runners and gold diggers – want to know how to level up in Treasure Isle? Gamezebo has a full walkthrough of all the golden goodness to be found in Zynga’s latest Facebook hit, and we’ve plucked the top tips for your reading pleasure!
Find more treasure and have more fun with the following tips from our friends at Gamezebo. You can dig up more basic game info on Treasure Isle here.
Did we leave out any of your crown-jeweled chest-seeking strategies? Let us know how you find gold and glory in Treasure Isle in the comments below.

Game Tips and Strategies

    Treasure Isle

  • Be a great Neighbor – It is imperative that you have as many Neighbors as possible from your Facebook friend list. Friends can gift you with food items which allow you to dig. Once you are out of energy you can’t play the game until it replenishes. If you have a large number of friends gifting you then you will level up much faster. Neighbors also gift items to you that you can use to decorate your island or which you can sell back for extra coins. Be sure to send out fruit and gift neighbors daily so they will return the favor.
    • Use the gifts your Neighbors send to you to decorate your Island at first. Do not invest all of your money in decorating your Island as you will need it to purchase tools for digging. There are different  tools for different digging obstacles. You can also sell the gifts to afford the digging tools if you choose.
    • Keep an eye on your energy meter when digging. When you are running low on energy dig only in areas of land with no rocks, trees or plants as they cost the least amount of energy to dig at.
    • Keep an eye on the live feeds. Treasure Isle offers a lot of bonuses and the ability to share them with others. Each time you click on a live feed you will receive 100 coins. You will also be able to ask for items you need to complete collections, gems and power packs via the live feeds.
    • Purchase dynamite one stick at a time to save money as you won’t need it until you are past level 10 and toward the higher levels.
    • Visit your Neighbors daily to collect coins and gems. If you are limited on time try to visit neighbors from each gem color so you have a supply of all colors.
    • Keep fruit planted in your Garden plots at all times. Be sure you can harvest it before the crop withers and dies or you will lose the money you invested. (See Garden Plots below for more information)
    • TIP - When you start to dig at a new Island go to the Tiki Statue Gates first and give it a Gem to open passage. There is no energy expended for this and you gain 5 XP points for each one you give a gem to. If you are close to leveling up this could get you to the next level faster.
    • TIP - Keep an eye on the game’s energy meter as you are using fruit from your backpack to fill it up. If you have a total capacity for 110 energy and you are at 108 and need 2 more energy points to fill the meter back up to 110 use fruit that has 1 or 2 points. Do not use a Mango which is 15 points as you will forfeit the 13 points. Basically anything over your maximum limit will be lost.
    • Each time you use a gem to gain access to a portion of an Island you will gain 5 XP. Keep this in mind when you are trying to level up.
    • TIP - If you find you are short on Gems and you need say for example, Blue gems look at the bottom of your screen and visit your Neighbors that have blue gems next to their names. Eventually you will find a Neighbor that has a blue gem available for you. This is faster than searching the live feeds but you can also search the live feeds for gems in this situation if you choose.
    • TIP - Be sure to visit at least ten of your neighbors each day. The first 10 Neighbors you visit will earn you 20 Coins and 5 XP each which is 200 coins and 50 XP. Any Neighbor you visit after 10 will earn you 5 Coins and 1 XP.
    • TIP - If you are past level 6 and out of energy and you have a comfortable amount of gold coins you may want to consider looking for other Islands you can dig at that have rocks that need to be blasted with Dynamite. Once you reach level 6 you will unlock dynamite for purchase) It does not expend any energy to blow up rocks and you will earn 5 XP for each time you do it. The dynamite costs 250 coins each so be sure you can afford this without hurting your future game moves.
    • TIP – Each Tiki Statue has a treasure chest under it which guarantees you will get at least 5, 15, or 50 XP from it depending on the size of the chest you find. (It costs 5 energy to dig) If you can, start digging at these Tiki Statues as this will help you to level up faster.
    • Keep an eye on the messages that show up after each dig. You will see hints such as “Treasure Very Close” If you are short on energy these messages can help you decide how best to use your last bit of energy.
    • TIP - When you are digging and running low on energy keep in mind that you could dig up fruit and earn a few more digs. Play until you use up every bit of possible energy. The clock will give you 1 energy point every 5 minutes so you will have a long wait before you can dig at full energy again. The best thing to do is ask your Neighbors to send you energy and work aggressively to get as much energy as possible throughout the day.

    Ways to earn Energy

    • Have your Neighbors gift it to you by requesting it.
    • Keep your Neighbor numbers high to increase the odds you will receive gifts daily.
    • Grow fruit in your Garden Plots.
    • Wait until the energy meter replenishes itself.

    Features Coming Soon to Treasure Isle

    • Watch for Game Updates as Mayan Isles will soon be added to the Game with 8 New Islands to dig and explore.
    • Two of the Mayan Islands will need to be purchased so save your coins.
    • Bug Spray is introduced into your Tools and you will be zapping bugs in between digs.
    • Expect 50 more levels to be added to the game soon.

    Gems/Gem Trees/Gems from Live Feeds

      Treasure Isle
    • Each Player in Treasure Isle is given one Gem Tree on their Home Island. It will either have Orange, Red, Green, Blue, or Purple Gems on it.
    • The tree yields one Gem every 24 hours for you and your Neighbors can collect from it once a day as well.
    • You will need the Gems in all different colors to get past certain Tiki Statues in the game.
    • The Tiki Statue will require 1 to 5 gems for you to pass.
    • You may find Gems while you are digging and they will move into your inventory in your backpack.
    • If you see a live feed post offering a free gem be sure to click on it. The more gems you can save up the easier you will progress through the game.
    • TIP - Look at the bottom of your screen and you can see your neighbors and what kind of gem tree they have on their island. If you need a specific gem color you can make sure to visit those neighbors first.
    • You can also request gems if you are running low. You will be prompted if your Neighbor’s or your gem tree is empty.
    • Keep an eye on the live feeds for free gems.

    Treasure Chests

    • As you dig for Treasure you will find Treasure chests at certain spots in the Island.
    • TIP – Look at the upper right of the game screen and you will see how many treasure chests are buried in the Island you are currently digging at.
    • There are 3 sizes and values of Treasure Chests:
      • Small Treasure Chest – 5 XP
      • Medium Treasure Chest – 15 XP
      • Large Treasure Chest – 50 XP
    • Click on a Chest to open in. The item inside will be part of a collection and you will see it in the lower right hand corner of the game screen.
    • NOTE – If you forget to click on a treasure chest or leave an island before you opened a chest it will move into the chest at the top right with the “?” on it. Click on it to claim all treasure.

    Collections/Trading Collections for Reward

    • As you dig for treasure you will find treasure chests that have collectible items in them. Each Island has 1 to 3 collections for you to complete.
    • Once you find the 5 items in a collection you can trade it in for a large cash and XP bonus by clicking on “Trade in” when prompted.
    • Be sure to click on any chests you uncover so you get credit for the item in it.
    • If you miss a chest click on the gift icon in the upper left of the screen that has a “?” on it. This is where all unclaimed treasure goes.
    • There are currently 22 Collections but this will increase as the game will have 100 levels soon.
    • Be sure to see the collections listed above for details about it and check back for updates soon.