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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zynga livens up newsfeed spam with double entendres

Treasure Isle overstuffed chest booty
It seems that someone at Zynga has been making out with the Blarney Stone since last summer, turning the much-hated and normally insipid Facebook wall posts into fun-loving blurbs of witty puns and double entendres. FrontierVille, especially, loves to talk dirty to players. This is followed closely by Treasure Isle, which sometimes says the darndest things.
Libe's overstuffed chest
We've rounded up all the Zynga newsfeed amusements we could find for your viewing pleasure, so even those of you who don't play the games can judge for yourselves. See some of the most LOL-worthy (and groan-inducing) ones below: