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Monday, October 25, 2010

Build a Pirate Ship and Pirate Barricade (New Islands)

You can now build a Pirate Ship in the water around your island! Building the Pirate Ship will give you access to the hidden Pirate Isles, “Pirate Barricade”.
Building the frame of your Pirate Ship consists of 4 steps and costs 40 energy in total. The 4 steps are listed below:

Hammer Hull – 5 Energy x2
Rig Rigging – 5 Energy x2
Batten Hatches – 5 Energy x2
Scrub Decks – 5 Energy x2

The 5 stages of building your ship look like this:

Once you have built your the frame of your Pirate Ship you need 5 Ship Nails, 5 Planks, 5 Nautical Rope, 5 Sailcloth, and 5 Paint. Each of these items can be purchased for 1 Island Cash each or all of them can be bought for 22 Island Cash (savings of 3 Island Cash vs buying each item individually). Photo below:

You can also get items to build your Pirate Ship from your neighbors. Each neighbor will have 2 random items (eg. Ship Nails and Paint, Nautical Rope and Sailcloth, etc…) so just ask your friends for whichever items you need. 

The new islands are called Pirate Barricade and contain 7 free islands.