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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pirate Isles! " dig and you'll find cash "

Visit the Pirate Cove and get your dig on! You will have to buy a crowbar for 40,000 Coins to complete these islands.

Here are the islands and what collections can be found on them:

Sharky’s Village Ship Parts, Crazy Knots, Stash o’ Blackbeard.
Brigand’s Cove 11IC Good Grub, Fightin’ Gear, Pirate Plunder
Monkey’s Gold 7IC Britches n’ Stitches, Fightin’ Gear, Pirate Plunder
Shiverin’ Shores Crazy Knots, Ship Parts, Pirate King’s
Pirate Pub Ship Parts, Pirate Accessories, Stash o’ Blackbeard
Invasion! Britches n’ Stitches, Fightin’ Gear, Pirate King’s
The Great Battle (Requires Level 75) Brithces n’ Stitches, Pirate Accessories, Pirate King’s